We have partnered with several other companies and Godfather’s Pizza does a good job of supporting us and working with us. The franchise contract is relatively simple to get through, especially compared with other food service options we’ve dealt with in the past. Godfather’s Pizza offers a superior product and as long as we keep the quality intact, we can’t help but succeed.

Dick Cosaert

President , Cubby's, Inc.

As a Godfather’s Pizza franchisee since November 1978 we especially appreciate the personal touch GPI maintained over the years. When in need of assistance from corporate for direction, we can make a phone call without going through a long, frustrating automated menu. Someone answers the phone and even when immediately unavailable, our calls are always returned in a timely manner.

Chuck Winters and Rick Wheeler

W&W Pizza, Inc.


We own and operate 108 convenience stores with gasoline in the Midwest. Currently, we have Godfather’s Pizza in 33 locations with more to come in the near future. We have been associated with Godfather’s Pizza for 20 plus years and find them to be a great partner.

Ken Pearson

Martin and Bayley, Inc. d.b.a. Huck's Food Stores

I can remember back 20 years when we had a Godfather’s Pizza in our area. I decided that I would like to open up one even with our current economy. We opened up on March 21, 2011 in Rockingham, NC and we got great support from the corporate operations team. We were overwhelmed at first. But a month after opening, everything was running much smoother and the sales are good.

Michael Hill

Franchise Owner, Rockingham, NC